Bulgarian seafarer


Michal Czaplejewicz 30.08.2019 at 23:04

Thank you very much. This makes the situation clearer. Allow me to complicate things a little bit. I sail on a variety of vessels, some flagged in the EU and some flagged outside. Even though NOT ALL of my vessels are flagged in the EU would I still be considered a seafarer for tax purposes? The law doesn’t state how much I have to sail on EU flagged vessels… What do you think?


    euroformat.eu 31.08.2019 at 23:04

    Hello Michal,
    The preferential tax treatment will be applied only for your income, which is received as a seafarer (as per the definition of “seafarer” by Bulgarian law). This means that you will not receive preferential tax treatment for your income obtained from work on non-EU vessels. This is because your “seafarer tax status” applies only to your labor income as seafarer (under EU flag).
    Please note however that there is very little case law on the subject and we would strongly recommend you to apply for advance ruling from the Bulgarian tax office.


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