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Charlotte Diaz-Blanchette 23.05.2020 at 18:57

If purchase a property in bulgaria from the uk how does the 90 day Visa work after that. Do you have to leave and cannot return? How about residencey and work Visa . Do you have a immigration information pack of setting up a a business ie cafe or, work in another country but live and invest in bulgaria

Reply 23.05.2020 at 18:57

    Hello Charlotte,
    Purchasing property doesn’t automatically change your immigration rights in Bulgaria.
    Only property purchase (may be multiple properties) for more than 307 000 EUR (600 000 BGN) provides the right to obtain long-term residency in Bulgaria. Please note however that the process is not automatic. Non-EU citizens will have to go through all procedures, apply for visa D, then visit Bulgaria and apply for residency permit. You can read more at
    If you need assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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